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    Polar M400 HR sports watch

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    Polar M400 HR sports watch

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    The Polar M400 sports watch is an exceptional blend of sporty design, GPS and advanced training features, along with plenty of options to keep an eye on your activity 24/7. You can set yourself training targets in Polar Flow and synchronise them with your M400. It guides you through your training and shows you when you should get up and move and when you should rest. When you use the M400 together with the Polar Flow web service and app, you get all the tools, stats and support you need to increase your performance. Challenge yourself with new goals, analyse your training units and learn more about your everyday activities.

    Characteristics of the watch:
    • Weight: approx. 56,6 g
    • Thickness: 11,5 mm
    • Sharp, high-resolution black and white display
    • Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels with up to four parameters on the display
    • Water-resistant (up to 30 m)
    • Software can be updated
    • Storage capacity 4MB – equals up to 30 hours training time
    • Rechargeable 250 mAh Li-pol battery
    • Battery life: approx. 9 hours training time with GPS and sensors, approx. 24 days in time mode with daily activity monitoring

    Smart Coaching:
    • Heart rate zones: Your heart rate is divided in 5 zones, so that you can always see in which zone you are training, for example to improve your stamina.
    • The Training Benefit function tells you what effect your training has had. It gives you a fast overview of all data relevant for training.
    • By means of the heart rate and your personal data you can easily determine your aerobic fitness.
    • Smart Calories: Compare how many calories you’ve burned during training.
    • Running Index (shows you after every run how your running performance is developing, depending on your heart rate and speed)

    Activity features:
    • 24/7 Tracking: The M400 registers the number of your steps, your calorie consumption and your resting time and informs you when you’ve been inactive for a longer time.
    • Activity Guide: Proposes a daily activity target and how you can reach it. Moreover, you can see how active you have been during the day.
    • The steps of your day are registered and stored in the training diary so that you can compare yourself here, too.
    • Inactivity alerts ask you to move when you’ve been inactive for a longer time.
    • Your daily activity is divided in five sections and the Activity Benefit feature gives you an immediate feedback via mobile phone or web.
    • Sleep duration and quality: Starts tracking your sleep time automatically when you lie down and your body movements slow. The Polar Flow web service gives you a detailed look into how you sleep at night so you can see if it’s affected by any changes in your daily life.

    Training features:
    • Sport profiles: List your favourite sports and define specific settings for each one of them
    • Training diary: Stores your successes
    • Training aims: Create your individual training on Polar Flow and load it onto your watch. During your training, you can simply follow the directions.
    • Automatic laps, takes your lap times
    • Personal best compares you with the diary and informs you about a record
    • Autostart/stop function
    • Timer: Finish time estimator – gives you an estimate of your training‘s end time based on your speed
    • Interval timers: You can set two timers for your workout, based on distance or time
    • On the Polar Flow App you get a map view of your training route and a graphical display of your training data

    GPS features (Please note: Cannot be used during swimming!):
    • Distance
    • Speed
    • Altitude: Measured as incline and decline in metres or as uphill and downhill slope
    • Back to Start: Track navigation to the starting point of your training

    • USB cable for data sync with PC or Mac (updates necessary for software)
    • Bluetooth Smart with your smartphone

    Other features:
    • 16 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Korean, Japanese, simplified Chinese)
    • With the free Polar Flow App you can transfer your data onto a Bluetooth Smart ready mobile phone and analyse them.
    • Via USB cable you can synchronise data with your PC or Mac (free via Polar Flow web service)
    • Vibration and acoustical alert
    • Date and weekday indicator
    • Time of day (12/24 h)
    • Alarm function

    Includes: Polar M400 sports watch incl. heart rate sensor H7 Bluetooth Smart (elastic strap adjustable from size M to XXL, hand-washable. Please note: Heart rate transmission is not possible during swimming, because the watch is only designed for receiving the Blue Tooth Smart signal!) and USB charging clip for loading and synchronizing the data.

    The pink watch comes with a shorter strap and is thus suitable for slimmer wrists.

    • Manufacturer number: black: 90051341; white: 90051347; pink: 90057193; blue: 90057189


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    ANT+ support:
    Bike features:
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    Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
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    Q: Hallo, ist der Sender + Gurt hier schon dabei? DANKE?
    Q: Hello, the transmitter + strap is here? Register now! THANK YOU?
    from Franz (written on 2017-03-14)
    A: Lies mal bei Lieferumfang! Ist dabei!
    A: Read it in the delivery! Is in!
    from Michl (written on 2017-03-15)
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    Polar M400 HR sports watch 5
    from Douglas McCann
    (written on 2017-06-21) 2017-06-21
    Item bought: black / Standard
    Excellent. Highly comfortable chest strap and decent Polar flow web portal which shows maps, distances, rest periods, etc.. Well worth it.
    (written on 2017-05-09)
    Item bought: black / Standard
    Recently I bought the Polar M400 HR sports watch in red colour. In the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION POLER states that Battery life: approx. 9 hours training time with GPS and sensors. To my surprise, almost 6 hours in my first bike ride, the battery gave up and ruined my day. Never again Polar
    from Lieneke Pool
    (written on 2015-07-07)
    (0 from 1 Customers found this review helpful.)
    Great for running! Finds the GPS signal relatively quick and is accurate. With the polar flow app you can keep good track of your progress. Good value for your money!
    from Fawx
    (written on 2015-09-25)
    (1 from 2 Customers found this review helpful.)
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    Eine super Uhr vom ersten Moment an. Einfaches einstellen und personalisieren. Die Funktionen zB Intervalltimer usw sind super. Das gps wird schnell gefunden und ist stabil. Trainingsprogramme selbst erstellen und mit der Uhr im Training abzuspulen. In Verbindung mit PolarFlow, eine tolle Sache. Für den Preis eine super Uhr. Würde sie nicht mehr hergeben. Denn sie ist nicht nur funktionell sondern auch schön.
    from anja sierck
    (written on 2017-04-19)
    Item bought: /
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    gute logische Bedienbarkeit
    from Eisenbernhardt
    (written on 2016-12-04)
    Item bought: /
    (0 from 1 Customers found this review helpful.)
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    Klasse Produkt! Bestes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. Kaufempfehlung!
    from Mark Herfurth
    (written on 2016-07-27)
    Item bought: /
    (0 from 1 Customers found this review helpful.)
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    Geburtstagsgeschenk für meine Frau, die den Sport für sich entdeckt hat. Hätte en Flop werden können, war aber ein Top. Spitzensport-Uhr. Kann fast alles, was meine V800 auch kann.
    from Peter Flöge
    (written on 2015-05-12)
    (0 from 2 Customers found this review helpful.)
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    Preis- Leistung ist gut. Ausstattung nicht überragend, aber gut. Leicht und wasserdicht. Leider unangenehme Schwankungen bei Lauf-Pace.
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    Polar M400 HR sports watch

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