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SHIMANO SLX BR-M7000 front disc brake

• Brake lever: BL-M7000 left, material: aluminium (comaptible with I-Spec II) • Brake caliper: BR-M7000, material: aluminium, ceramic piston, postmoun...

Colour: black

54.36 £

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SHIMANO XTR SM-RT99 brake disc

· ICE-Tech-Freeza: Aluminium core between two stainless steel layers to perfectly conduct away the heat - the operating temperature is considerably re...

from39.93 £

SRAM Trail/Guide/ G2 disc brake pads

SRAM brake pads suitable for the SRAM X.0 Trail/Guide disc brake. The sintered brake pads offer a more powerful braking performance on long downhills,...

Available in several versions
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Magura MT4 front wheel or rear wheel disc brake

The new MT4 stands out for its enhanced braking performance. The innovative technology provides a perfect combination of impeccable brake reliability...

Colour: black

58.95 £

SHIMANO Ultegra ST-R8020 STI brake/shift lever combination with BR-R8070 disc bra...

With the Ultegra BR-R8070 disc brake combination, Shimano offers a braking system with high braking power and comfortable braking power modulation. Th...

Colour: black

407.50 £

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SHIMANO SLX SM-RT70 brake rotor

The SLX SM-RT70 brake disc features the Shimano ICE-Tech technology where an aluminium core is sandwiched between two stainless steel braking surfaces...

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SHIMANO SM-RT54 brake disc

· for Shimano Center Lock hubs · incl. lock ring · available with brake disc Ø: 160 or 180 mm Please specify brake disc Ø! These brake discs are onl...

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SRAM Professional bleed kit incl. brake fluid

Professional bleed kit for all SRAM and AVID disc brakes (incl. road series) with ergonomic handles and a counterholder for the arm. High-quality meta...

53.50 £ Basic price: £44.58 / 100ml

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Magura 7.C Comfort disc pads for MT2/MT4/MT6/MT8

Magura disc brake pads for MT2, MT4, MT6 and MT8 2-piston brake · Typ 7.C Comfort · 2 pieces incl. fastening splint · Manufacturer's ref. 2701177 ·...

10.85 £

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SHIMANO Tiagra BL-4700 Road brake lever set - 2016 -

· suitable for road bike brakes, V-brakes and mechanical road bike disc brakes (adaptable) · material: aluminium · for handlebar Ø 22,2 mm · adjustabl...

Colour: black

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SHIMANO TL-BT03S bleeding kit

Shimano bleed kit for disc brakes with one-way bleeding system of the current generation (e.g. BR-M985/988, BR-M785/788, BR-M675, 640 and BR-M596). ·...

12.66 £

SRAM Road 22/Apex 1/S700/Level disc brake pads organic/sintered

SRAM disc brake pads, suitable for Road/Cross hydraulic and level series disc brakes. The sintered brake pads are more temperature-resistant and provi...

Available in several versions
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SHIMANO M70T3 V-brake brake shoes

· LX/Deore quality · 2 pieces

4.99 £


Shimano disc brake pads for hydraulic disc brakes, successor of the G01S disc brake pads. · Pad material: organic · Backing plate: steel In the box...

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Magura 8.P Performance Disc pads for MT5/MT7

Magura disc brake pads for MT5 and MT7 4-piston brake. · Typ 8.P Performance · 2 pieces incl. fastening splint · Manufacturer's ref. 2701171 · Perfo...

instead of £12.92 10.85 £

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SHIMANO 105 ST-5700 STI brake/shift lever combination

· 10-speed/double compatible · robust shift mechanism with ergonomic pivot angle · reduced shifting resistance · lever reach adjustment via excha...

Colour: black

135.23 £

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SHIMANO R55C4 brake pads***

· improved braking performance compared to the predecessor model. · 4 pieces

5.89 £

SRAM Centerline Rounded 6-hole brake disc

The SRAM Centerline Rounded 6-hole brake disc comes with a rounded profile, which clearly facilitates a fast installation of the wheel. The brake disc...

Colour: silver

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SHIMANO Claris ST-R2000 8-speed STI brake/shift levers

The Shimano Claris ST-R2000 STI brake/shift levers offer soft shifting, yet with a clear feedback. The internal shift cable routing provides a neat lo...

Colour: black

from79.82 £

Magura 9.P Performance Disc pads for MT5/MT7

Magura disc brake pads for MT5 and MT6 4-piston brake · Typ 9.P Performance · 2 pieces (2 pads on one block) · Manufacturer's ref. 2701166 · Performa...

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Brakes for road bikes and MTBs

Bike brakes: Caliper brakes, disc brakes and brake spares

Good, ready-to-use brakes are indispensable for the safety on your bike. We offer appropriate brakes for road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids and city bikes.

The choice of bike brake primarily depends on the type of bicycle: Hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes have long advanced to the standard for MTBs. Besides, they are increasingly used on road and cross bikes, apart from side-pull brakes and cantilever brakes. Which type of bike brake perfectly matches your bike depends on the construction of the frame.

For a safe ride, you should always handle your bike brakes with utmost care. Regular maintenance works on the brakes are strongly recommended. If you like to tinker with your bike yourself, you will find new brake pads, brake rotors and brake cables in our range.

Among the brake accessories, you will find brake hoses and bleed kits for hydraulic brakes, as well as brake shoes and brake pads.