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30-day return policy Bike assembly in Germany 110 years of family tradition

    Payment methods

    Choose your own method of payment 

    International payments:

    Cash before delivery:

    When placing your order please transfer the total amount in advance giving details of your customer or invoice number, the complete name of the person placing the order and his/her place of residence.

    Our UK customers can make GBP transfers to the following account: account no. 20687660 (sort code 30-65-41) held with Lloyds TSB Bank (IBAN GB07 LOYD 3065 4120 6876 60, SWIFT BIC LOYDGB21682). 

    International customers, please use a SEPA payment to transfer the order value to our account Stadtsparkasse Bocholt, IBAN DE02428500350000135251, SWIFT BIC WELADED1BOH, Markt 8, 46399 Bocholt, Germany.
    Please be sure to pay your portion of the shipping costs when you pay in cash before delivery.

    Credit card:

    We also offer our customers the option of paying by MASTERCARD or VISA. When ordering please state your credit card number, security code and the expiry date of your card. The invoice total will be billed to your credit card account at the time of dispatch.


    You can make safe, fast and secure online payments via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one easily: sign up under and link your bank account or your credit card to your PayPal account to be able to pay via PayPal. PayPal can only be used within the European Union and only when ordering online! All payments via PayPal are carried out in euros; a fee is charged by PayPal for other currencies.


    Additional payment methods within Germany (can only be used with a residence and invoice address in Germany): 

    Cash on delivery:

    You pay the postman directly upon delivery. Please note that with cash on delivery you have to pay the postal charges, momentarily € 5.60 (cash on delivery and return debit fee). Please note that delivery with cash on delivery is only available within Germany.


    Simply pay the invoice amount with no deductions following receipt of delivery. Payment by invoice is only available within Germany. Payment by invoice is only available to private customers and not to companies and institutions.

    Direct debit:

    Please provide details of your account number and bank information (bank code, name and town/city of your usual bank) on your order. Payment by direct debit is only available within Germany. Payment by direct debit is only available to private customers and not to companies and institutions. The direct debit is executed approx. 14 days following delivery.

    We reserve the right to settle payment by means of cash on delivery, payment in advance or by credit card. In this case you will receive prior notification from us.

    Payment in installments:

    • The financing possibility for bike fans and cycling enthusiasts:
    •  Minimum order value 150,00 €
    •  Minimum installment 9,00 €
    •  The effective annual interest rate:
       6 months 0 %
       12 months 3,9 %
       18 months 5,9 %
       24 - 48 months 7,9 %
       60 - 72 months 9,9 %

    Financing example:

    •  Cash price (net loan amount): 1.199,00 €
    •  Duration: 12 months
    •  Debit interest rate: 3,83 %
    •  Effective annual interest rate: 3,9 %
    •  12 installments à 102,00 €
    •  Total loan amount: 1224,00 €
    •  Our cooperation partner is Commerz Finanz GmbH


    Ordering via our web shop

    Simply order the items that you would like from our shop. Then, in your shopping basket, select the option to pay by instalments. After a page showing an overview of your order, you will be taken to the form for the financing details. Your details will then be checked by Commerz Finanz GmbH.  If the result of the check is positive, then you can complete your purchase with us.

    If there is anything that you would like to ask on the subject of financing, then do get in touch with us here.

    You will find more information about the topic “Transfer of personal data” here.


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