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One-month right of return Bike assembly in Germany More than 100 years of family tradition

    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions of Business and Service  

    1. Shipment and shipping costs

    Overview of shipment costs 

    a. Within Germany
    We will ship your order as soon as possible. You will be charged € 4.95 in respect of shipment. If articles are not in stock and not thereby available for inclusion in the first delivery, these will be automatically dispatched once available. If you do not wish to receive any such subsequent deliveries, please indicate this on your order. You will, of course, not be charged for subsequent shipments.

    b. Global delivery
    We offer several shipping options. Please find the shipping costs on our website or make
    inquiries when placing your order. For shipments made to countries that are not part of the EU internal
    market, VAT will be immediately deducted from our prices upon billing. It is unfortunately not possible to
    perform subsequent deliveries outside of the EU. Shipping costs to the UK, France and Sweden are € 8.95
    (€ 5.95 for purchases of € 150 and more). Shipping costs to Finland, Spain and Italy are € 9.95 (€ 6.95 for
    purchases of € 150 and more). The cost to the customer for shipping spinning bikes, flight cases, empty
    cycle boxes, MTBs, racing cycles and trekking bikes depends on the particular address. Please make
    inquiries when placing your order or order via our website (the costs of shipping will be indicated in the shopping cart. 

    c. Bike shipment:
    For a safe transport all our bikes are sent in a special bike box. You will be charged a € 19.95 fee for this
    bike box. E-bikes and pedelecs cannot be delivered to all countries. Please enquire when placing your order.

    d. Shipping to non-EU countries
    (except for our "Komfortversand" Switzerland/Liechtenstein):
    For shipping to countries outside the European Community customs duties and taxes can be charged in
    each importing country. For further information about customs and import regulations of your country, you
    can ask your local chamber of commerce or customs office.
    Notice: In respect of all global free trade agreements with the EU: ROSE Bikes is not an approved exporter and cannot specify any positive preference statement on the invoice.


    2. Choose your own method of payment

    International payments:

    Cash before delivery:

    When placing your order please transfer the total amount in advance giving details of your customer or invoice number, the complete name of the person placing the order and his/her place of residence. 

    Our UK customers can make GBP transfers to the following account: account no. 20687660 (sort code 30-65-41) held with Lloyds TSB Bank (IBAN GB07 LOYD 3065 4120 6876 60, SWIFT BIC LOYDGB21682).  

    Please use a SEPA payment to transfer the order value to our account ROSE Bikes GmbH, Stadtsparkasse Bocholt, Markt 8, 46399 Bocholt, Germany, IBAN DE02428500350000135251, SWIFT BIC WELADED1BOH. 

    Please be sure to pay your portion of the shipping costs when you pay in cash before delivery.

    Credit card:

    We also offer our customers the option of paying by MASTERCARD or VISA. When ordering please state your credit card number, security code and the expiry date of your card. The invoice total will be billed to your credit card account at the time of dispatch.


    You can make safe, fast and secure online payments via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one easily: sign up under and link your bank account or your credit card to your PayPal account to be able to pay via PayPal. PayPal can only be used within the European Union and only when ordering online! All payments via PayPal are carried out in euros; a fee is charged by PayPal for other currencies. 


    Additional payments methods within Germany (can only be used with a residence and invoice address in Germany): 

    Cash on delivery:

    You pay the postman directly upon delivery. Please note that with cash on delivery you have to pay the postal charges, momentarily € 5.60 (cash on delivery and return debit fee). Please note that delivery with cash on delivery is only available within Germany.


    Simply pay the invoice amount with no deductions following receipt of delivery. Payment by invoice is only available within Germany. Payment by invoice is only available to private customers and not to companies and institutions.

    Direct debit:

    Please provide details of your account number and bank information (bank code, name and town/city of your usual bank) on your order. Payment by direct debit is only available within Germany. Payment by direct debit is only available to private customers and not to companies and institutions. The direct debit is executed approx. 14 days following delivery.

    We reserve the right to settle payment by means of cash on delivery, payment in advance or by credit card. In this case you will receive prior notification from us.

    Payment in installments:

    The financing possibility for bike fans and cycling enthusiasts:

    •        Minimum order value 150,00 €
    •        Minimum installment 9,00 €
    •        The effective annual interest rate always amounts to 9,9 %
    •        Duration from 6 to 72 months


    Financing example:

    •        Cash price (net loan amount): 1.199,00 €
    •        Duration: 12 months
    •        Debit interest rate: 5,75 %
    •        Effective annual interest rate: 9,9 %
    •        12 installments à 105,11 €
    •        Total loan amount: 1261,32 €
    •        Our cooperation partner is Commerz Finanz GmbH


    Ordering via our web shop

    Simply order the items that you would like from our shop. Then, in your shopping basket, select the option to pay by instalments. After a page showing an overview of your order, you will be taken to the form for the financing details. Your details will then be checked by Commerz Finanz GmbH.  If the result of the check is positive, then you can complete your purchase with us.

    If there is anything that you would like to ask on the subject of financing, then do get in touch with us here.

    You will find more information about the topic “Transfer of personal data” here.

    3. There to help you

    There are legal guarantee rights for all products we’re offering.

    a. ROSE guarantee
    Your ROSE bike comes with a comprehensive guarantee package. You have a 2 year guarantee on all components and within 10 years, we shall repair every broken spoke of ROSE and Xtreme wheels or wheels we built according to your specifications (no system wheels) under guarantee. Within 6 years of purchase, we shall replace every broken ROSE frame and every broken ROSE fork. This guarantee does, however, not cover any damages to the paintwork or anodization, discolouration (e.g. discolouration caused by UV radiation) as well as damages to the bearings of full-suspension bikes and at the derailleur hangers. Other bearings that are not part of the frame (such as bottom brackets and headsets) are also excluded. This guarantee only applies to the first owner. Products will be repaired or reimbursed on justified claims made during the guarantee period. All further claims are excluded. In case of a replacement, we will offer you a similar ROSE replacement frame or ROSE replacement fork, if no identic ROSE frame/ROSE fork is available. In this case, you have no right to receive an original frame or to get a replacement for non-compatible components. This guarantee does not cover any damages caused by normal wear, misuse, accidents or improper installation. Please keep your invoice, as this is your proof of guarantee and the date of purchase marks the beginning of the guarantee period. We will of course pay the shipping and assembly costs for justified guarantee claims.

    b. Replacement guarantee
    If your ROSE frame is damaged or destroyed by an accident or a fall within six years from the date of purchase, you will receive the same or a similar frame from our current range at 50% of the retail price. Within Germany we will collect your frame or your cycle in the shipping box, from your address, free of charge and we will return your cycle or frame to you once again free of charge. Outside of Germany we will simply charge you for the shipping costs incurred. If requested, we will mount your new frame for a one-off charge of € 50. This warranty can only be claimed for damages which are not handled by an insurance. In the event of an exchange, we will offer you a replacement frame as similar as possible, if no identical frame is available anymore. In that case, you cannot claim the delivery of an original frame and the exchange of components which are not compatible anymore.

    c. Bike Service
    We offer this service within Germany. There is no charge for shipping racing cycles and MTBs, for trekking bikes your portion of the shipping costs is € 20. To guarantee a smooth course of Bike Service orders, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance (via phone or our online form). For bicycles sent to us without a fixed appointment, a flat charge of € 25 is charged to make up for the extra working time. We would ask you to please understand that we can only offer you this service in respect of cycles that you purchased from us. If you no longer have the shipping box, we will arrange that another be sent to you at cost price.

    d. Manufacturer and retailer guarantees
    All guarantees stated explicitly in the catalogue are additional manufacturer and retailer guarantees, the type of guarantee is indicated at the product. Your legal warranty claims for defective goods (e.g. subsequent delivery in the form of compensation delivery or repair) towards us as your contractual partner are not restricted by these guarantees. Additional manufacturer and retailer guarantees do not become effective in case of improper treatment or natural wear and tear. For guarantee claims please send the defective article with a purchase receipt and a description of the defect to: ROSE Bikes GmbH, 46393 Bocholt, Germany.


    4. Purchase to order

    Purchase agreement
    The display of merchandise on our website constitutes a non-binding offer. By clicking on the Send button in step 4 you are submitting a binding purchase order for the articles listed in the shopping cart. After sending the order you will be sent an automatically generated confirmation of receipt. A purchase agreement is only concluded upon a confirmation of the order or through actual delivery of the goods within 5 days.

    Information on returning goods


    5. Right of Revocation

    You may cancel your contract within 30 days for any reason. The cancellation period is 30 days and begins the day on which you or a third party you designated that is not the carrier receive(s) the goods. To exercise the right of cancellation, you have to notify us

    ROSE Bikes GmbH
    - Customerservice -

    Schersweide 4

    46395 Bocholt



    Phone: 00 800 22 77 55 55 free from landline, possibly chargeable from mobiles
    (AT, CH, DK, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT, LU, NL, NO, PL, PT, SE, UK)
    Alternative number: +49 28 71-27 55 55 

    by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter, a telefax or an email) on your decision to cancel the contract. For this, you can use the attached specimen copy — cancellation form — which is not mandatory.

    To exercise the right of cancellation within the stipulated period, it is sufficient that you send the information about the exercise of the right of cancellation within the cancellation period.

    Consequences of cancellation

    Upon the cancellation of a contract, we have to refund all payments received from you including the shipping costs (with the exception of additional costs that incurred because you opted for another method of delivery than the reasonable standard delivery we offer) immediately and within 14 days of receipt of your contract cancellation at the latest. For the reimbursement, we will use the same means of payment you used for the original transaction unless expressly otherwise agreed; we will never charge you a fee for this reimbursement. We may withhold the reimbursement until we have received the goods or you have provided evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.

    You have to return the goods or hand them over immediately and in any event no later than 30 days after having informed us about the cancellation of the contract to

    ROSE Bikes GmbH
    - Logistic Center - 

    Isselburger Str. 17

     46395 Bocholt 


    The cancellation period is met if the goods are sent back within the 30 day cancellation period. The return shipment is performed at our costs. The consumer shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to ascertain the nature, features and functioning of the goods.


    Financed purchases

    If you have financed this agreement by means of a loan and you exercise your right to return, you are also released from the loan agreement when both these contracts form a single entity. This applies particularly if we are also your lender or if we have facilitated the provision of the loan by the lender. If the loan has already been returned to us by the time that cancellation becomes effective or the merchandise is returned, the lender will assume our rights and obligations arising from the financed agreement with respect to its relationship with you and with regard to the legal consequences of the cancellation or return. In order that you can avoid such a contractual obligation to the fullest extent, exercise your right or return or withdraw your declaration of intention made in respect of the conclusion of the loan agreement.


    Information on return shipments

    Our shipping packaging is also suitable for making return shipments. All of our deliveries to Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein include a return consignment note prepared for you. For the countries listed below, you can request a return shipment label on the internet (not for bikes, see damage during shipment / complaints). You simply hand the package over to the postal service at the package counter. In accordance with § 312d para. 4 BGB, this right of return applies to all deliveries, apart from customised merchandise, audio and video recordings, or software, if the delivered data carriers have been unsealed. Where a collection demand is issued, the merchandise will be collected from your address. Apart from this one-month right of return the statutory warranty entitlements are, of course, available to you.

    Using the offered possibility of returning merchandise is not a mandatory precondition for making use of your right of return.

    For generating a return label, please select the country you would like to send a return shipment from:


    6. Damage during shipment / complaints

    Please notify us immediately with respect to obvious defects. If you receive a package that is visibly damaged, please open it straight away in the presence of the postman / package delivery service and have a confirmation of damage note issued immediately. If you have any questions please contact our customer service (+49  28 71 / 27 55 55). Please always return the package embossed with our return package package label (no bikes). In the event of a complaint relating to garments, please wash the clothing before returning. When returning helmets and footwear, rather than just the external packaging, please also use the shipping box for making the return consignment. For complaints relating to bikes please contact our Bike Service under +49 28 71 / 27 55 14.


    7. Other Terms and Conditions

    a. Choice of law:

    b. Cookies
    We use cookies on various web pages to improve the quality of our website and to enable the application of certain functions. These concern small text files that are stored on your computer. The majority of cookies we use are deleted from your hard drive after a browser session is ended (session cookies). Other cookies remain stored on your computer and enable us to recognise your computer upon your next visit (persistent cookies). Our partner companies are not permitted to use our website to collect personal data by means of cookies, or to process or utilise such information.

    c. Contract text
    We will store the contract text and send you the order details and our General Terms and Conditions by email. You can view these General Terms and Conditions at any time by clicking here. Your order data cannot be accessed via the internet.

    d. Contractual language
    You have the option of selecting German, English, Dutch, French or Italian as the language for your agreement.

    e. Links
    To the extent that this website contains external links (Hyperlinks) to third party websites, the sole responsibility for the contents of such linked websites remains with the respective operator. Prior to creating the links, ROSE Bikes has examined all third party linked sites for any legal infringements. At the same time, however, ROSE Bikes has no influence over the material arrangement of these linked sites meaning it expressly declares that it is not the proprietor of the content of any such linked sites. ROSE Bikes, moreover, performs regular checks of linked pages and will immediately delete the relevant link should it become aware of any legal infringements contained in a linked page.

    f. Retention of Title
    The goods delivered remain our property until complete payment has been made. The contractual arrangement is governed exclusively by the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    g. Miscellaneous
    Weight specifications, dimensions and equipment are details provided by the manufacturer. ROSE Bikes reserves the right to deliver goods with technical changes that constitute a technical advance as well as deviations as to colour. Errors and information given by mistake are not binding and we accept no liability in respect thereof. Delivery is conditional on the availability of stock.
    Our deliveries are made on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions. All prices are stated in Euro/GBP and include statutory VAT which depends on the country of delivery:

    Germany: full VAT 19% // reduced VAT 7% (VAT ID no.: DE 811 440 544)
    Austria: VAT 20% (VAT ID no.: AT 406/0270)
    Netherlands: BTW 21% (VAT ID no.: NL 823328648B01)
    United Kingdom: VAT 20% (VAT ID no.: GB 975077385)
    France: TVA 20% (SIRET no. FR 70521605071)
    Sweden: Moms. 25% (VAT ID no.: SE502070394701)
    Luxemburg: VAT 17% (VAT ID no.: LU 24929607)
    Italy: IVA. 22% (VAT ID no.: IT00144759990)
    Finland: ALV. 24% (VAT ID no.: FI 2421895-2)
    Denmark: Moms. 25% (VAT ID no.: DK12627769)
    Belgium: VAT. 21% (VAT ID no.: BE.0837.793.948)

    We reserve the right to modify prices due to changes in currency exchange rates or VAT rates at any time and without notice.


    8. General conditions for the ROSE Card

    Acquisition of ROSE points
    Following the application for, and issue of, a ROSE Card, the customer’s account will automatically be credited with points after he/she has shopped with ROSE Bikes or in ROSE BIKETOWN. When shopping in ROSE BIKETOWN, the ROSE Card must be presented before paying for the goods at the cash register, for catalogue purchases the customer need only state the customer number when placing the order. The relevant number of points will be automatically credited to the customer account. For each full turnover per euro, the customer will get 2 ROSE points credited to his/her points account. The points are available and redeemable 20 days following the purchase.

    Subsequent crediting of ROSE points
    Objections relating to the accuracy of the points accumulated must be reported in writing no later than within one month following the receipt of the notification. In this case please include the relevant documentation (invoices, till receipts). The points are not transferable to other cards. After the expiration of this time limit, no more points can be credited subsequently.

    Information about the points score
    We inform you about your current points score on your dispatch invoice and on your till receipt when shopping in ROSE BIKETOWN. Moreover, you have got the possibility to see your current points score on the internet under

    Points are valid with ROSE Bikes for 36 months following registration and lapse automatically after this period.

    Cancellation of points
    We reserve the right to cancel points in the event that the purchase for which the points were credited is rescinded (e.g. rescission, cancellation, exchange etc.) or where they were incorrectly credited or are misused. Further, ROSE Bikes GmbH is entitled to demand surrender of the card or it may block the card where there is a fundamental reason for doing so (e.g. misuse).

    Product selection 
    The customer may redeem points against all articles in our range of products. One point corresponds to € 0.01.* One article has to be paid completely with points. A partial payment of an article with points is not possible. The customer has to state when ordering against which article he or she would like to redeem the points. It is not possible to redeem points subsequently against articles which have already been billed. Delivery of articles while stocks last.

    Changes of the general conditions
    The customer will be informed in writing about any changes of the conditions relating to the ROSE Card. These changes are deemed acknowledged where the card is again used following notification or where the changes are not objected to in writing within one month following notification. We also reserve the right, provided we issue a reasonable period of notice, to cancel the discount system; where there are important reasons of doing so (e.g. statutory amendments) we may do so without notice. Otherwise, the Terms and Conditions of Business and Service of the ROSE Bikes GmbH are valid.

    Introduce your friends to ROSE and you collect points - that's really easy if you have a ROSE card!
    You will get 1500 ROSE points for every new customer that you introduce to ROSE who then spends at least 75 euros. For this, your friend just has to enter your name and your customer number when placing their first order. The points will then automatically be credited to your account within 20 days. It is not possible to do this retrospectively. Each new customer may only be introduced by one ROSE card holder. To introduce someone you must be a customer at ROSE Bikes and you may not live in the same household as the person you are introducing.

     *When paying in pounds, 1 point corresponds to 0,01 pounds.

    9. Legal information according to battery regulation - BattV

    With regard to the sale of batteries and accumulators, we are obligated as retailer to inform you as consumer about the following: you are legally obligated to return batteries and accumulators. You can return them after using in our shop, in a communal collection point or in local shops. Batteries containing hazardous substances are marked with a symbol consisting of a crossed out dustbin and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb) for the heavy metal that has been the decisive factor for declaring the hazardousness. You can also return used batteries at our address: ROSE Bikes GmbH, Logistic Center, Isselburger Str. 17, 46395 Bocholt, Germany. The possibility of returning batteries to this address is restricted to batteries we have in our range of products and to household amounts only.

    10. Legal information according to the German Electrical and Electronic Law  (ElektroG)

    With regard to the sale of electronic devices, we are obliged as retailer/producer to inform you as consumer about the following: you are legally obligated to return electronic devices that you do not want to use anymore. Please return them in our shop, in a communal collection point or in local shops. You can return them at our address: ROSE Bikes GmbH, Logistic Center, Isselburger Str. 17, 46395 Bocholt, Germany. The possibility of returning electronic devices to this address is restricted to devices we have in our range of products an to household amounts only.


    11. General terms of use for "My Bike" and the commenting function on

    a) This platform's purpose is the exchange and communication between cyclists. We therefore expect a respectful behaviour of all users.

    b) Postings will be published under the user's name or preset nickname, and with the profile picture the user has inserted in the account.

    c) Please do not post any contents or carry out acts, which harm the rights of other persons or violate the law.

    d) Before posting pictures, videos or information about other people, the user has to ask permission from them. In doing so, you have to make it clear that you as a user publish these information and not ROSE. Furthermore, you have to explain which information will be published and where.

    e) Identification papers or other sensitive data must not be published on "My Bike".

    f) In case of infringements to these terms, we reserve the right to remove the concerning postings and to block the respective user on "My Bike".


    You will find our Privacy Policy here.


    Company details

    ROSE Bikes GmbH
    Schersweide 4
    46395 Bocholt

    Telephone: +49 (0) 28 71 / 27 55 55
    Fax: +49 (0) 28 71 / 27 55 50

    Company's registered location: Bocholt
    Companies’ register: HRB 8315, District Court of Coesfeld
    Managing directors: Erwin Rose, Stefanie Rose, Thorsten Heckrath-Rose
    VAT ID no.: DE 811 440 544, WEEE-Reg. no.: DE 26905420


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