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    bikefriends schon

    Relaxed, uncomplicated and stress-free road bike holidays in Majorca 



    bikefriends schon GmbH
    Hehn 377
    D-41069 Mönchengladbach

    Phone +49 (0) 2161.30 49 575
    Fax +49 (0) 2161.30 48 771

    You want to go road cycling in spring? No problem at all: In Majorca, everything is possible! Here you can find perfect cycling routes you won’t find on other islands. Combined with a perfect infrastructure and constant weather, the unique Majorcan landscape offers perfect conditions for triathletes and road cyclists. 

    Bikefriends Schon offers: 

    • 8 different tours for families and pro cyclists 
    • Experienced scouts that guide the groups – the scout makes sure that even less-trained participants will keep up with the others
    • Individual cycling holidays of higher quality with some improvements and more service

    It’s really easy to join group trips. You can even spontaneously decide which tour you want to ride on the same day. Everyone should feel comfortable. 

    Are you...

    • a licence or amateur cyclist...
    • a triathlete for short or long distances (heated pool 33 metres) ...
    • preparing for organised bicycle tours (RTF) or other special tours...
    • a hobby cyclist "for the fun of it" ...
    • a hobby cyclist who wants to improve basic condition ...
    • interested in getting to know Alcudia's surroundings... 
    • a beginner who would like to start cycling ...
    • involved in a health program …
    • interested in cycling events and a little more?

    ...then we are the ones for you!


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