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right upgrade pedal for Vector 3S power meter

Product code: 226392901

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You already have a Garmin Vector 3S power meter fitted to your bike, but you would like even more extensive data about your fitness? With the separate right sensor pedal, you can switch to a dual Vector 3 power meter. The Upgrade Pedal gives you a full-featured Vector 3 power measurement system, which allows you to train even more professionally. Moreover, the second pedal also gives you a feedback about the balance between your right and left leg (Balance). This is a crucial advantage when trying to bring the efficiency of your pedal stroke to the next level.

With this upgrade, you will have a full-featured Vector 3 power measurement system with up to 49 different watt and cadence values, including the generally accepted power measuring parameters:

• PP - Power Phase: Shows you the pedal stroke region where you start producing positive power, where it ends, where you spend most energy and how the leg power distribution changes during the total pedal stroke.
• PCO - Platform Center Offset: Measures the horizontal power distribution on the pedal (“+” and “–“) and reveals the effects that the sitting position and the alignment of the cleats have on the riding technique and power transmission.
• Sitting/standing position: Shows the power output and time in sitting/standing position (real time display on compatible models)
• FTP - Functional Threshold Power™: The FTP is considered to be the highest power level you can maintain for one hour without growing fatigue (=> threshold performance)
• NP - Normalized Power™: The NP is a power averaging method, measured in watts, used to compensate for changes in ride conditions for a more accurate depiction of power expenditure.
• IF - Intensity Factor™: IF is an indication of how hard or difficult a ride was in relation to your overall fitness. (IF = NP/FTP)
• TSS - Training Stress Score™: TSS measures how much stress is put on your body from a ride, while taking into account the duration of the ride.

Technical data:

• Lightweight housing made from composite material
• Stainless steel pedal plate
• CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
• Sealed bearings
• Adjustable release tension
• Weight: approx. 179 g
• ANT+ radio protocol
• BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
• Replaceable battery (LR 44)
• Waterproof to IPX7
• Battery life: approx. 120 hours of active cycling

Please note: The rider’s weight must not exceed 90 kg!

Garmin Vector 3 right pedal

Manufacturer’s ref.: 010-12578-00

Optional accessories:
• Garmin cleats for Vector pedals, red, ± 3° angular float (item no. 2099008)
• Garmin cleats for Vector pedals, black, without float (item no. 2099017)

ATTENTION: It depends on the connected device which performance data fields can be supported and analysed. For exact information about your device, please check the manufacturer’s information.

Manufacturer`s ref.:
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right upgrade pedal for Vector 3S power meter

Das Bateriefachproblem nach erstmaligem Batteriewechsel ist leider absolut nervig. Damit fällt alle paar Minuten der Trittfrequenzsensor und 1/2 Power weg. Damit fürs Training ungeeignet. Traurig bei dem Preis