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Garmin Vector 2 pedal-based powermeter

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Best rated!

For cycling, the power is the direct and objective measure of your cycling performance, as it is – unlike the heart rate – independent of external fac... more details

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For cycling, the power is the direct and objective measure of your cycling performance, as it is – unlike the heart rate – independent of external factors like nutrition, stress, fatigue, heat or cold.
Using a power meter like Vector 2 allows you to precisely measure the intensity of your training and perform power-based training.

The concept behind the Vector system is simple, yet effective: it measures your power output at the pedal, where force is applied. Vector measures the slight deflection of the pedal spindle through your entire pedal stroke and by comparing that measured deflection to a factory-calibration, Vector can determine how much force you’re applying to the pedal. It measures a few hundred times per second. On this dual-sensing Vector 2 system, the force sensors are housed in both pedals, so that it can independently measure power from each leg and report total power as well as the balance between your right and left leg (balance). In this way, you can pedal even more efficiently. Apart from the total power, the Vector also measures your pedalling cadence using built-in accelerometers as well as numerous other data. Those can be displayed on compatible Garmin devices or other compatible, ANT+ compatible bike computers as well as on GarminConnect, the free online fitness community. As the Vector 2 power meter is pedal-based, you don’t have to convert other components such as the crank or the wheel. In this way, the installation is made in only a few minutes and it is also very easy to switch between the training or competition bike and a rental bike in the training camp. Another advantage: While crank-based power meters cause an additional weight of approx. 200-300 g, the Garmin Vector 2 system only increases the bike’s weight by about approx. 38 to 100 g, when compared to the most common pedal systems like Look, Shimano or Speedplay.

• easy plug & play pedal system – screw the pedal in before mounting the sensor
• a status LED in the pedal transmitter shows important installation and maintenance information
• accurate watt measurement (+/- 2%) with left/right balance
• ANT+™ technology
• robust and durable thanks to accelerometers that are built into the pedal body
• measures more than 20 different watt values and cadence which means that there is no additional cadence sensor required
• automatic recognition of the selected sensor angle – no manual alignment of the pedal transmitter
• automatic temperature compensation for accurate watt values in all environments
• dynamic calibration process, also after battery change
• adjustable value for crankarm length: 110 mm to 236,5 mm
• easy firmware updates for future improvements via ANT+ stick
• performance data and graphics at Garmin Connect™: online training portal with more than 3 million users and more than 300.000 uploaded activities every day – analyse your training just after the ride and use free training plans, features for map display via googlemaps, bing or Open Street Map or plan routes and share data.

If you already use a compatible Garmin bike or multisport computer such as the Garmin Edge 500, 510, 705, 800, 810, 1000 or the Forerunner 310XT, 910XT, 920XT, you can make your training even more effective with the Vector 2 power meter:

Edge 705, Forerunner 310XT:
all basic performance or watt values: current power / Ø power / Ø power for 3 sec, 10 sec and 30 sec / Ø power lap / power (FTP) / power (Kj) / power max. / power range

Edge 500, Forerunner 910XT, 920XT, Fenix2:
additional watt values and information on left/right balance: Current balance / Ø balance / Ø balance for 3 sec, 10 sec and 30 sec / Ø balance lap / power – % FTP / power – IF / power – last lap / power – lap max. / power – NP ( lap) / power – NP (last lap) / power – TSS / power – watts per kg

Edge 510, 800, 810:
additional overview page with the most important performance/power-based values for the last intervals or laps

Edge 510, 810:
additional display of TE (Torque Effectiveness) – measures the efficiency of the rider’s pedal strokes – and PE (Pedal Smoothness) – measures how smoothly power is delivered to the pedal

Edge 1000:
additional display of cycling dynamics data: measures how much power is being applied throughout the pedal stroke, where on the pedal it is being applied, whether on the centre of the pedal or on the inner or outer part; displays the time the cyclist is in the seated or standing positions.

In total, the Vector 2 provides around 30 different power and cadence values, including the generally accepted power measuring parameters:

PP - Power Phase:
Shows you precisely where in the pedal stroke the generation of positive torque begins, where it ends, when you are generating the most power and how the force is distributed at different angles of the pedal stroke.

PCO - Platform Center Offset:
Measures the horizontal force distribution across the pedal (+ and -) and thus gives information on how the riding position and cleat placement affect your riding technique and power transfer.

Seated/standing position:
• indicates where force is being applied on the pedal, as well as when and how long you were in the seated and standing positions
• real-time display on compatible models

FTP - Functional Threshold Power™:
The FTP is considered to be the highest power level you can maintain for one hour without growing fatigue (=> threshold performance)

NP - Normalized Power™:
The NP is a power averaging method, measured in watts, used to compensate for changes in ride conditions for a more accurate depiction of power expenditure.

IF - Intensity Factor™:
IF is an indication of how hard or difficult a ride was in relation to your overall fitness. (IF = NP/FTP)

TSS - Training Stress Score™:
TSS measures how much stress is put on your body from a ride, while taking into account the duration of the ride.

Pedal body and bearings

• lightweight composite body
• stainless steel plate
• CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
• cartridge bearings
• adjustable tension
• red cleats with anti-slip rubber coating (compatible with Look Kéo, ± 3° angular float, for cleats without float see item no. 2099017)
• weight: approx. 312 g (pair)

Pedal transmitters

The standard pedal transmitters are only mounted after the pedals. This significantly reduces the installation work. The pedals fit crank arms that are 12-15 mm thick and up to 44 mm wide. The large pedal transmitters fit crank arms with a thickness of 15-18 mm and a width of 44 mm. So there are two versions available for the Vector 2 system. Please bear that in mind when ordering.

• ANT+ wireless protocol
• replaceable battery (1 x CR2032 per pedal)
• waterproof according to IPX7
• battery life: minimum 175 hours of active cycling operation
• weight: approx. 46 g (pair)

Including: Garmin Vector 2 pedals (1 pair), 2 x pedal transmitters incl. washers, red cleats (1 pair), USB ANT+ stick

Manufacturer’s ref.: 0100145500 (12-15 mm version), 0100145501 (15-18 mm version)



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Vector 2 pedal-based powermeter


Die Vector2 Pedale funktionieren einwandfrei mit meinem Edge1000. Die Montage klappte ohne Probleme an den Ultegra 6800 Kurbeln. Sammle damit regelmäßig Daten für meine Critical Power Curve.
Wer lange Anstiege mit Einbrüchen wegen überlastenden, ehrgeizigen Einsatz auf den ersten Kilometern vermeiden möchte, für den lohnt sich der Kauf auf jeden Fall. Auch lässt sich eine Leistungsverbesserung letztlich nur über eine zeitliche Ausdauerleistung (Zeit und Durchschnittsleistung dabei) beschreiben. An meinem MTB fehlt mir jetzt leider die Leistungsmessung sehr. :-)

Vector 2 pedal-based powermeter


Artikel ist schnell und gut Verpackt angekommen.

Vector 2 pedal-based powermeter


Vorab die wichtigste Aussage: "Ich bin mit dem Garmin Vector 2 sehr zu frieden und glücklich!"

Ich habe lange überlegt für welches Wattmesssystem ich mich entscheide und hatte zunächst Skrupel wegen der "Exposition" des Systems an den Pedalen inkl. der zugehörigen Sender, die "herabhängend" und für mich sehr Sturzanfällig aussahen. Meine Supportanfrage bzgl. der Schadenanfälligkeit direkt bei GARMIN wurde mir sehr sehr ernüchternd, ohne große Mühe und nach dem Motto "können wir nichts zu sagen, na klar, alles kann irgendwie kaputt gehen" beantwortet. Aus Ärger über diesen schlechten GARMIN Service wollte ich den Vector 2 aus Prinzip nicht kaufen habe mir den Vector 2 dann aber doch bei ROSE in Bocholt zeigen lassen. An dieser Stelle "Danke für die super Beratung ROSE!" ROSE hat mir erklärt wo die Technik genau sitzt, welche Teile wirklich teuer sind, welche Teile anfällig sind und dass das exponierte Teil am Pedal "nur" der ANT+ Sender ist und nicht der teure Dehnmesstreifen, welcher in der Pedalachse selber gut geschützt sitzt. Nun habe ich den Vector 2 dann doch direkt aus Bocholt mitgenommen und bin sehr zu frieden. Sowohl mit der Beratung von ROSE (die auch alle Pros und Kontras mit mir durchgegangen ist und auch günstigere Systeme genannt hat) als auch mit dem Produkt an sich. Das System ist kinderleicht zu (de)montieren und auch die Kalibrierung ist einfach. Und es macht einfach richtig Spaß mit einem Wattmesssystem zu trainieren!

Vector 2 pedal-based powermeter


Une catastrophe autant en terme de délais de livraison où le transporteur ne s'est pas présenté à l'adresse de livraison et a laissé le colis dans un bureau de poste où j'ai eu des difficultés à récupérer le colis (pas d'avis de passage donc pas de numéro) que de qualité du produit dont les piles des 2 capteurs étaient hors d'usage et dont un des capteurs est défectueux. j'attends une réponse commerciale pour avoir un nouveau capteur.