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High Visibility
Better visibility in road traffic

The days are getting shorter. It stays dark longer in the mornings and in the evenings, it starts getting dark already when you get home from work. Especially for commuters and for cyclists who manage some training after work it is vital to have proper lights and clothing to increase their visibility in traffic.

These are our tips for better visibility in the dark season.

  • Wear neon colours! Classis colours like black and blue are hardly visible for other road users in low lighting conditions. That’s why, high-visibility clothing should come in bright, striking colours. Especially neon yellow, neon green and neon pink will be seen earlier from car drivers and will thus add to your safety.
  • Reflective elements also increase your visibility! These elements light up when a car’s headlights or another light source shine on them. Perfect for everyone who rides on public roads!
  • Your standard bicycle lighting can even be enhanced by additional plug-in LEDs on your cycling helmet or your cycling jacket. Brands like Endura have understood this advantage and offer a wide spectrum of cycle clothing and accessories with integrated lights.

Make sure to check out our product recommendations to become even more visible in the dark season!

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