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    Anatol Sostmann
    Anatol Sostmann

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    Welcome to the ROSE community! You can communicate with us here, talk to other bikers and always stay up-to-date.

    test report
    00:00, 20.07.2016
    triathlon - No. 141 / 2016: The AERO FLYER-3100 tested by triathlon

    Verdict: "The Rose Aero Flyer-3100 Di2 with wheel tuning is an excellent racer that really motivates you to ride fast [...]"

    test report
    00:00, 24.06.2016
    aktiv Radfahren - July/August 2016: "VERY GOOD" for the MULTISPORT tested by aktiv Radfahren

    Verdict: "The Rose Multisport shows itself as a sporty, as well as a good touring bike. This means it is a high-quality companion for many occasions."

    test report
    00:00, 23.06.2016
    MTB magazine - 06/2016: PSYCHO PATH 3 Di2 tested by "MTB magazine"

    “Among its many qualities, the Psycho Path excels in its reactivity. It is a weapon for competitions, where you need to accelerate often, as well as for long climbs, where you have to keep a steady pace.”

    test report
    00:00, 22.06.2016
    CicloTurismo - 06/2016: XEON TEAM CGF-4400 tested by "CicloTurismo"

    "The ROSE weapon, designed for Gran Fondo, was a real surprise for us. Comfortable and yet stiff, precise and reliable during descents.”

    test report
    00:00, 30.05.2016
    Fiets (NL) - 06/2016: X-LITE CRS-4400 becomes test winner in "Fiets" magazine

    ‚[…] a great, lightweight bike with perfect acceleration and direct responding qualities.‘

    test report
    00:00, 27.05.2016 - 05/2016: X-LITE CRS-3000 tested by ""

    In short: "Uphill – the ROSE X-LITE CRS 3000 is very stiff and responsive. Downhill – agile and easy to handle, zippy when pulling out of curves. This bike proves once more that Rose knows how to combine a low price with high quality."

    test report
    00:00, 19.05.2016
    Swedish Allt om MTB - 02/2016: THE UPRISING 3 tested by "Allt om MTB"

    "Excellent and well-working components at an attractive price."

    test report
    00:00, 13.05.2016
    MTB World - 05/2016: DR. Z 2 tested by "MTB World"

    “It’s a pleasure to ride this modern and fast 29er. It impresses on all kind of trails.”

    test report
    00:00, 13.05.2016
    4mtbike - 05/2016: MR. BIG 2 tested by "4mtbike"

    “Hats off! A 29er MTB, ready for racing and with a high value for money – this bike can master a marathon as well as a technical XC race with ease.”

    test report
    00:00, 12.05.2016
    RennRad - 06/2016: "RECOMMENDED BUY" for the X-LITE CW-4000 in a test of the RennRad

    Verdict: “Aerodynamic, extremely lightweight and well specced – the Rose impresses in all areas. A tip for road cyclists.”

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