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The POC VENTRAL is no longer an insider tip. So many riders have already enjoyed wearing the lightweight racing helmet. So many have recommended it to others. So many helmets leave the POC warehouse every year.

For 2019 the Swedish quality brand has given its flagship racing helmet a facelift. Both name additions reveal it already: AIR + SPIN.

The addition "AIR" reveals that the POC VENTRAL AIR SPIN has significantly more vents compared to the predecessor model. The ventilation was optimised in the wind tunnel. The channels were placed in a new position to provide particularly good ventilation. A nice extra: the new ventilation system is even more aerodynamic than the predecessor model, feels better during intense tours and minimises air turbulences.

Moreover, the aerodynamic racing helmet comes with the "SPIN" technology. Instead of classic inside pads, the helmet contains special integrated silicone pads. These are not only shock-absorbing in case of a crash, yet they also have a particular ability: in case of a crash, they rotate the helmet around the head slightly. This slows or reduces the amount of energy transferred to or from the head, reducing head injury from rotational impacts.

Convince yourself of the POC VENTRAL AIR SPIN and experience improved protection and ventilation!