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For long riding fun on your tour: convince yourself of the Ergon ST Core!

Experience a completely new way of cycling and great shock absorption with the ST Core touring saddle with a sandwich construction for unlimited cycling fun on city, touring and electric bikes. With this saddle model, Ergon has reinvented the way bicycle saddles support the rider, separating the hard supporting shell that connects to the rails from the padded shape that you sit on – for more comfort and improved ergonomics. The Ergon Core, a floating high-performance elastomer damper located between the two saddle shells, follows the natural pelvic movements while pedalling.

The dynamic core has a different texture than gel and stands out for high vibration absorption, great resilience and a perfect hold. The lower support shell attaches to the rails and is rigid, whereas the upper flexible shell holds the ergonomic seat padding with a women-specific relief channel for pressure relief in sensitive areas. Perfect for an upright or moderate riding position on long tours. The saddle body allows for a pelvic tilt to the sides for active relief of the ischium. Together with the padding, the saddle offers a completely new technology with noticeably better vibration absorption and excellent pressure distribution for efficient pedalling.