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    Technology and customer service in perfection

    A lot of passion and love for detail are the basis of our products. Besides technical perfection and sophisticated design, we attach special importance to the everyday suitability of our bikes, frames and accessories. Together with our developers and professional athletes, we test our material thoroughly, before it makes its way into our catalogue. What is more, we offer excellent service and friendly advice, to make your shopping experience at Rose perfect.

    Countless victories and purchase recommendations in multiple trade journals are a proof of our bicycle expertise. Come and see for yourself!

    The latest test results of all categories:


    "BEST IN TEST" in RoadBIKE for the X-LITE CRS-4000 CM

    RoadBIKE - 02/2017

    Verdict: "The superbly specced, super light Rose impresses as a thoroughbred speed machine for hard and short races. You couldn’t wish for a better road bike for less than 4000 euros. Well-deserved test victory!”


    "Test victory" for the Xtreme All2gether XL tool box from the RoadBIKE

    RoadBIKE - 02/2017

    VERDICT: "The low-priced Xtreme All2gether XL Box offers best equipment, moreover, the tools fit well in the palm of your hand. The quality leaves no reason for complaint. Even though a lot of things are superfluous: clear test victory!"


    "VERY GOOD" for the ROOT MILLER 2 in a test of the bike

    bike - 02/2017

    Verdict: "The ROSE achieved the second highest result in the test and thus is the best 29er."


    Test: Rose Thermo Fleece Full Finger Gloves in Cykelmagasinet

    Cykelmagasinet - 12/2016

    Verdict: ”We have nothing bad to say about the Rose Thermo Fleece Full Finger Gloves. The gloves are perfect for Danish autumn and winter. They are warm and leave out cold and wind.”


    GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by ""

    12/2016 -

    “The quality of the finish, the technical specifications, components and behaviour on the trail put this bike on a par with the most famous competitors on which, however, you will not find this level of component quality.”


    "VERY GOOD" for the X-LITE CDX-4400 from the RoadBIKE

    RoadBIKE - 01/2017

    Verdict: […] "Sporty frequent riders will immediately get excited with the unbeatable price of this bike that can be customised in the configurator."


    "SUPER" is Trekkingbike's verdict on the ACTIVA PRO PINION

    Trekkingbike - 01/2017

    Verdict: […]"Just as suitable for long tours with luggage as for commuting to the office - the whole year round." […]


    TEAM DX CROSS RANDONNEUR-3000 tested by "" - 12/2016

    "Rose has managed to combine the needs of a wide range of cyclists, ranging from touring riders looking for a reliable and safe bike through to cyclists who want to also use their bike for daily commutes and training during winter."


    The TEAM DX CROSS RANDONNEUR-3000 tested by Tour

    Tour - 11/2016

    Verdict: "Almost luxuriously specced bike, elegantly integrated lighting system, ideal for commuters"


    XEON CW-3000 tested by Bikeboard

    Bikeboard - 9/2016

    „One of the first aero bikes on disc brakes. The bike quickly response, easily accelerate on high cadence thx to steep seating tube angle. (...) suprisingly pretty well dampens vibrations on rough tarmac surface."