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    B + M Ixon Fyre LED headlight

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    B + M

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    B + M Ixon Fyre LED headlight

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    Small, lightweight, bright and practical. The Fyre LED bicycle light with a light output of 30 lux offers a good and homogeneous illuminatuon of the road, including the near field. The all-round soft component protects the front light from moisture and shocks. Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery, it is StVZO approved for all bikes.
    · battery life: high-power mode 30 lux: approx. 5 hours, low-power mode 10 lux: approx. 10 hours
    · integrated lithium-ion battery (can be charged bia micro USB socket)
    · battery status indicator LED
    · all-round shock protection
    · resistant to splashing water and rain
    · base support for handlebar installation with tool-free attachment (Ø 21 - 32 mm)
    · incl. charger and USB cable
    · manufacturer's ref.: 195L

    Approved for all bikes according to German road traffic regulations (StVZO).

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    B + M Ixon Fyre LED headlight

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