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Spank Spike 800 Race handlebar 2017

The Spike 800 Race is the further development of the legendary Spike 777. Thanks to a width of 800 mm, the handlebar is made for racing. Thanks to the...

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fi´zi:k Performance bar tape

The fi´zi:k Performance bar tape is 3 mm thick and ensures pleasant grip and comfort. The tape is roughened to offer improved grip in rain. Besides, t...

Colour: pink

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fi´zi:k Microtex Superlight handlebar tape

The fi´zi:k Microtex Superlight handlebar tape feels good in your hands and, moreover, adds style to your bike. It is made from sturdy Microtex microf...

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Spirgrips® MTB inner bar ends

Especially during longer rides, the MTB Spirgrips® offer a relaxing alternative grip position and provide thus relief for palms and joints stressed fr...

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Ritchey WCS Streem II drop bar -2017-

Designed for high speeds. The Ritchey WCS Streem II drop bar stands out for optimized aerodynamics and ergonomics. The extremely aggressive wing-shape...

Colour: black/matt

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Selle Italia Smootape Corsa handlebar tape

The Smootape is especially designed to avoid any overlapping. This ensures a smooth taping for an even better grip. · PVC-free · Weight: approx. 50 g...


fi´zi:k Endurance Classic Touch bar tape

The fi’zi:k Endurance Classic Touch bar tape stands out for particularly high breathability and robustness. A must-have for the handlebar! Details: •...

Colour: white

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Ritchey WCS Evo Curve drop bar

The Ritchey WCS Evo Curve comes with a low profile, compact curved drop section, but with the popular Evolution top. In the top section, the hand rest...

Colour: wet black

wet black
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Profile Airstryke II aero bar

The Airstryke aerobar by Profile Design that has been highly appreciated by many pro riders enters the 2nd generation and treats you with comfortable...

Colour: black

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Ritchey Article: 810661

The upper handlebar tube is bent at an angle of 4° towards the rider and thus allows for a more relaxed grip and seating position. Moreover, the ellip...

Colour: matt black

matt black
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Supacaz Star Plugz Powder Coated

The high-end Star Plugz by the Californian brand Supacaz puts the finishing touches to your bar tape. The end plugs offer protection, prevent damages...

Lizard Skins DSP 1,8 mm Race handlebar tape

An extremely lightweight, flat race handlebar tape with excellent shock absorption to make sure you will always have full control over your aerodynami...

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Crane E-NE bell

The elegant E-NE bicycle bell by Crane Bell combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship with classic materials and a classic, nostalgic design. Thanks...

Selle Italia Smootape Controllo handlebar tape

The Smootape is especially designed to avoid any overlapping. This ensures a smooth taping for an even better grip. · PVC-free · weight: approx. 70 g...


Ritchey WCS Evo Curve drop bar -2017-

The Ritchey WCS Evo Curve drop bar is a crossover of Ritchey's Evolution and Curve handlebars. Thanks to an ergonomic top section with a 4-degree back...

Colour: black/matt

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Ritchey Comp Truegrip X grips

The Comp Truegrip X grips are made of Kraton rubber with a diamond pattern which offers best slip resistance and perfect control in dangerous riding s...

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Spank Spike 777 FR "Bearclaw" handlebar

The Spike 777 FR with "Bearclaw" signature by Darren Berrecloth is designed for freeride and dowhill riders. Dual XGT tube sets and the finest CNC fin...

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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush bar tape

The Californian manufacturer Supacaz knows what a high-quality bar tape should be like. The Super Sticky Kush bar tape fuses style with durability and...

Profile Drive Wrap handlebar tape

The Drive Wrap handlebar tape by Profile promises optimum grip and a great combination of cushioning and adhesion. Can be mounted fast and easily. De...

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ODI Troy Lee Design Bonus Pack grips

The ODI grips in a Troy Lee design offer several advantages: The full-length groove profile protects the grips from dirt and water and the high edges...

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