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Efficient cleaning and care products for your bike

Whether as a care product for the complete bike, intensive foam cleaner for thorough cleaning, ceramic chain oil for extreme demands on the chain or as dry lubrication for sensitive areas at the bike. The BALLISTOL product range is very versatile and extensive.

BALLISTOL universal oil – lubricates, cleans and nourishes
Ballistol lubricates and cleans all bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes. It has also proven itself in finest desert sand. Moreover, it protects leather saddles from brittleness. Bicycle locks, Bowden cables and electrical contacts remain functional or become functional again.

BALLISTOL has also been tested for use with Fox and Rock Shox suspension forks and is perfectly suitable for cleaning and care of them. Tyres can be mounted more easily, front derailleurs remain smooth-running and don’t get stuck, saddles remain easily adjustable for a longer period of time, bearings are protected from rust. Effective all-round protection for the entire bike.

BALLISTOL – versatile products for cleaning and care
BALLISTOL is also frequently used as a wound protection on abrasions and as an insect repellent, which is fit for the tropics. This is important when you are riding in high temperatures or in especially hot regions. Originally, Ballistol was developed as a weapons oil.  

Ready to roll

Regular care increases the lifetime of every bike and can be carried out by yourself without much effort. The basic cleaning of the bike can be done with a brush or a cloth. Use an eco-friendly cleaner for it and rinse with water. Chains and cassettes need special care, as you possibly have to remove rust, dirt and old oil from them and afterwards apply new chain oil. The ceramic chain oil BikeCer lubricates and protects all crucial areas. Moreover, it combines two properties, which often impair each other: lubrication and oil adhesion. Even in adverse weather conditions, these functions are preserved and allow for smooth running as well as easy gear shifts.

Spick and span with the bike cleaner BikeClean from BALLISTOL

Mud, dust and other stains give your bike a hard time. That’s why, regular and thorough cleaning is vital to preserve the function and value of your bike. The Ballistol bike cleaner is an effective and moreover eco-friendly weapon against dirt on the bike. The intense foam cleaner can be used for the entire bike including the chain.

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Ballistol Universal Oil spray

The all-rounder for bicycles. Ballistol lubricates, penetrates, preserves, disinfects and protects against corrosion. It does not resinify, dissolves...

from2.68 £ Basic price: £5.36 / 100ml

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Ballistol BikeCer ceramic chain oil

BikeCer Ceramic chain oil has been especially developed for the external requirements on chain, cassette and sprockets, but can also be used for suspe...

from4.49 £ Basic price: £6.91 / 100ml

Ballistol brake and parts cleaner

The Ballistol brake and parts cleaner cleans and degreases brakes, brake discs as well as industrial components. Oil, grease, dirt and even dried and...

3.13 £ Basic price: £6.26 / l

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Ballistol BikeClean bicycle cleaner

Intensive foam cleaner for a thorough cleaning. BikeClean is ideal for the thorough, residue-free cleansing of the entire bike incl. chain. Even tough...

from5.31 £ Basic price: £10.62 / l

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Ballistol Neo-Ballistol home remedy

Neo Ballistol home remedy with essential oils is proven as massage oil as well as for skin care and wound care. It consists of time-proven and natural...

4.49 £